Long ride home.


Home is wherever I am with you, says the song. So after 2 years in Australia I am back home just to find out that home is not here. But Montreal is beautiful even when it is not, amidst its cracked streets and dirty sidewalks there is a certain charm in the old tiny houses of Saint Henri and on the green once copper roof of churches everywhere you go.

And the many coffee shops and their cheap/swanky decor, you can never get tired of it.  Yeah I can say I love Montreal.  But Montreal is not home anymore.

You know that saying that goes like this: The place you leave is never the same you come back to? Well I guess that is also a bit true. Certainly lots of things changes in 2 years, things and myself as well. It is the same place but with a different me.

I will bel writing more about the process of rediscovering Montreal.



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