But there is no danger in daring a bit

It is fall and I have been travelling. Fall already! Time for apple pies, pumpkin pies, orange landscape, red maple leaves and perfect light for photography.

I love fall. So I have been busy with work and exhibitions and exploring my beautiful Montreal and the unexpected beautiful cities and landscapes around Quebec.


Our little tent on a cliff in Les Escoumins


But lets go by parts (as Jack the riper would say).

One of my favourites galleries in Montreal right now has to be L’Arsenal. New and renowned artists, amazing installations and quite often free exhibitions. It is a place you can’t miss if you are in Montreal or if you are passing by, located where once was a shipyard on the 19th century it has a major space of 6000 square feet of art! And they also have some yoga classes every now and then.

Another one of my fave spots is Centre Phi. Few months ago they had this virtual reality exhibition called Sensory Stories that literally blown my mind! Amongst the many virtual reality experiences the one that most captivated me was “Famous Death” where you could experience the last smell and noises from the last minutes of JF Kennedy and/or Whitney Houston . For that, you would be locked on a coffin for about 2 minutes and with sensors everywhere on the coffin you could smell and hear whatever they did. Not for claustrophobic but amazing never the less! Bjork is coming to Centre Phi now so don’t miss it!

Now the travelling.

Fall is a ouvre d’art in itself I have to say. The colours are so so beautiful it takes your breath away and makes you wonder why it lasts so little! I wish we had a fall as long as winter here in Quebec, but such is life. So because it is short you must enjoy every bit of it. Just 6 hours from Montreal you have a little city called Tadoussac, it is known for the whales that comes there every year to feed. So we were camping literally on a cliff very close of the waters of Saint Lawrence river and we would wake up in the morning with the sound of whales  breathing, it was so beautiful!


Sunset with the family

The thing about nature is that if you don’t dare a bit you miss a lot. So in order to have amazing views and to stay close of the wild life you have to go further a bit, and a bit, and sometimes a scary bit. To reach the cliff with our camping gear was something! Jump on rocks, almost fall in the water, a lot of wind, but hey the view was amazing and the whales waking us up in the morning was wow!

Luckily enough I was with Boo, whom I could describe as a mix of Rick Grimes, Rambo, Macgyver and Fox Mulder. So I didn’t have to worry about getting lost, finding food, fighting a bear, dying frozen in the river or stabilizing communication with any extra terrestrial being lol ( I want to believe!).


Boo and Sunrise. 

Exploring Quebec with this guy is a bliss and a training against heart attack I assure you!

So that is why I was away. Work, traveling, art, and some amazing books that I will share soon on another post!



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