“Knowledge and experience through combine opposites”. My meeting with David Lynch


David Lynch

Mr Lynch on installation after a drawing , photo by myself.

QGOMA is hosting one of the most anticipated exhibitions this year: David Lynch, Between two Worlds, a collection of his 50 years of diverse art. From photography to paints and installations the exhibition invite us to reflect upon the unconsciousness, the limits that we accept and how they set boundaries that are dangerous to the creative process, the value of freedom on creativeness and the importance of ideas. Yes, Ideas are what guide us or at least what should guide us. Continue reading

Salgado and Wenders, The Salt of the Earth

A few weeks back I saw The Salt of the Earth, a film about the photographer Sebastiao Salgado by one of my favorites film makers Wim Wenders at the Asia Pacific Film Festival here in Brisbane. I met Salgado for the first time 10 years ago with The Other America and his work had a profound impact on me,  so profound that I left on a backpack trip to all South America that same year.

Google images, Other America

Google images, Other America

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